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Just popped in to say...

...I know I've neglected my blog recently. I've had a lot going on so apologies to my regular readers. I've come here today as I have been inspired by a truly beautiful chocolate man. He goes by the name of Morris Chestnut. The name alone is like music to my ears, my heart starts racing and my knees go weak. Anyway....I digress.

A friend of mine is in denial about the gorgeousness of this man. I feel that for this reason Morris needs to be appreciated, respected and loved, right here and right now, for he doesn't get the attention he deserves. I hereby present: Mr Morris 'HOTNESS' Chestnut. Thank you lol x

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A message to a friend...

I usually look forward to the end of the day, just so that I can put my feet up with a cup of tea but I can't think like that this week. Every hour that goes by, it gets closer and closer to the time when I won't be blessed to have you in my company every day. I wish you all the best friend and I love you very much. Sisters for life xxx

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