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My Mini Facial

I often get complimented on how clear my skin looks and how fresh faced I always appear to be. From a young age I had very problematic skin. As I've gotten older I've done a lot of skin research. I've discovered that I have combination skin and an oily t-zone and now that I know what skin type I have I can buy the best products for my skin.

This is a tell all on my morning facial routine.

Step 1: Prep (cleansing and moisturisation)

It was never easy to find a product that worked well with my skin. I've used olay, Avon products, no.7, nivea and palmers cocoa butter, none of which really did anything for me. A friend suggested I try Neutrogena's visibly clear range, which turned out to be my little skin saver.

I first wash my face using their gentle exfoliating wash. Now I can't use exfoliators because they make my face breakout in spots. As the exfoliating beads in this product are so much smaller than normal, it does not have that affect on me. I then cleans…

Rated R (for Random)

Isn't it sad how we wish our lives away? Not intentionally, we don't even realise we're doing it but it hit me this morning. It's my birthday soon. I'm getting old, fast and half the year has gone already. We pray for a superfast week so we can get to the weekend and then those 2 days of rest zoom by too.

I want to try and enjoy every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Before I know it I'll be 60 odd and wondering where all the time has gone. I need to start leaving my mark in this world and make sure I'm achieving something to be proud of. It doesn't have to be anything major, just one of my own personal goals where I can look back and say "well done girl".

I think it's time to slow down, take stock and enjoy life, because before we know it, it'll all be over.

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