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The religion of love that doesn't allow you to fall in love...not unless you're married first.

But how can you fall in love with somebody you don't know? Once you're married that's it. There's no turning back from this man/woman and the journey you're about to embark upon together. It should be a beautiful thing right? Not this clinical thing that people hasten to prepare.

Why shouldn't we be allowed to know love and fall completely in to that person before we decide to marry them? Marriage is a life long commitment is it not? Why should we rush it? Why shouldn't we wait and be sure it's absolutely right before jumping the broom?

I was born and bred in this deen and I know it is a religion of peace and love but I just don't get this concept. I'm sorry.

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Fashion Footpah

Wedge heel trainers: yay or nay? I use to have a pair myself, way back when and I remember thinking they were some of the sexiest foot wear I owned. Comfortable, trendy, casual and stylish but is there a place for these now? I'm not entirely sure, especially if they look anything like the ones in the photo above.

Trainers should be trainers and wedges should be wedges and never should the two meet....unless they look like these:

Now these look nice. They're neat, clean and classy. I could definitely work with these. Will I be getting myself a pair? I doubt it but I will never say never.

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I am Who I am & Yes I am Black!!

What would you say are the personality traits of a black person? Loud? Abrupt? Feisty? Rude? All of which are negative's but what positive words would you use to describe a black person? Can you think of any? Probably not.

I have been called a coconut because I do not hold any of the above typical traits but you know what, that doesn't phase me. I'd rather be called a coconut then known as someone who holds any of those traits.

Today I went as far as to say: "I was raised right, that's why I don't behave like that" but should I really say that? Is it a parents fault if their child turns out this way because trust me, being any of the above is NOT something to be proud of. Unfortunately black people seem to think it is and are quite happy to laugh at any other black person who doesn't behave in that way.

Growing up I spent most of my time with Asian people and this was probably due to the fact that I am Muslim. Many would say I am how I am because of t…

Judge Me Not

I've never understood overly religious people. I'm not saying its a bad thing to be religious of course I'm not but what I don't understand is why these people seem to think it is their RIGHT to look down their noses and judge other people.

As far as I know the only one who can judge us at the end of the day is God, so when did it become acceptable for any Tom, Dick and Harry to start passing judgement on others?

What people fail to realise is that we are not judged on our physical as such but by our intentions, our spiritual self and our hearts. You may look at a person and not believe they are necessarily religious based on how they are dressed but what do you know of that persons heart? You know nothing.

This person could be the type who devotes all of their time to helping their sick grand parents, or doing things for the poor in their community. These are acts of kindness, acts of a person with a compassionate heart. A good heart.

You don't need to ram your bel…

Count Your Blessings

For the last 4 years I have worked for charities.  I've helped the aged, supported change for those suffering with autism and I'm currently working for an emergency aid organisation.  I enjoy working for charities, I love that feeling of knowing I'm making a difference to somebodies life but I've never been the type to really sit and think about the causes I've helped to support.

Until now.

I read a blog post today, written by one of our field nurses.  This post moved me to tears and it's not the first time I've felt emotional in my new role.  This time it was different though.  The surge of emotions I felt, I've not felt like that ever before.  I felt anger that a person had to endure this horror.  I felt sad for the loss to the family I was reading about.  I felt proud of the medical staff who are working so hard across the world to make the smallest difference in these peoples lives and then I felt disgust; disgust towards all of us living our merry…

"You gotta act like...a woman...but think like a man!!"

This song has been in my head for days!!  I love it!!  This seems to be the general rule that we women are abiding by nowadays..."act like a woman but think like a man".  I also like "lady in the street but a freak in the bed" but hey, that's another blog entry all together lol.

However I digress.  I've seen this floating in the twittersvere recently "act like a woman and think like one too".  In a way I kind of agree but I also don't see any reason, why in certain situations, it would do us any harm to think like a man.

I wouldn't say I myself think like a man but I must say, having a close male friend has helped me to think like one in some ways.  Women, we over think every little thing.  The tiniest detail becomes the biggest issue and it need not be, because when you really sit and think about things, I mean really sit and think, you will ask yourself: "but what's the problem?" and that's exactly what your man will …

Rap Wars

In case you hadn't heard yet, the latest beef on the music scene is between Diggy Simmons and J Cole.  Why?  Because J Cole apparently said he had a "thing" with Diggy's sister, Angela.  My question is this: why is there always beef in the music industry and why is it always the small small guys who want to make the loudest noise?

Whenever something like this happens, everyone jumps to the conclusion that it's a publicity stunt.  With Tulisa's sex tape it was "oh, her single's coming out soon", but not being funny, that little sex tape would not persuade me to buy Tulisa's single and Diggy's diss track, would not prompt me to buy his album.  I don't even think you can use "publicity stunt" as a reason behind any celebrity doing anything.

Beef in the industry goes back years.  I'm not going to pretend I follow it all or that I even listen to every artists music but the one war I wasn't happy to hear about, was Drake …

Interfaith Relationships

Interracial relationships are common in this day and age. As much as some people may not chose to date outside of their race, it still shocks me to hear real hatred and disrespect to those who have fallen for a person of a different race. You can't help who you fall for.

What seems to be becoming more popular is interfaith relationships. I know many people in relationships like this and this is seen by some as "taboo". There's the obvious complications of what path your children would follow but personally I don't see why interfaith relationships are such an issue.

A relationship is between two people. Therefore those two people decide how they will live and how their children would be raised. It's not about anyone else. As long as you've both worked out how you'd like your family to run and it works for you, why is it anybody else's business?

The problem is people will always have something to say and people are always worrying about things that…

Super Slim .V. Super Curvy

There's always been this pressure for girls to be slim. For as long as I can remember but what people don't realise is that black women have an extra pressure. The pressure to be curvy.

We're expected to be slim but we're also expected to have big booties or big breasts. This pressure is causing women to have boob jobs and bum implants, risking their lives to conform to these pressures. One girl actually died last year because of the bum implants she had put in but does news like that stop us in any way? Unfortunately not.

I've recently lost some weight and as a consequence I have lost a portion of my bootay. I'm not going to lie I don't like it but why don't I like it? I asked myself if it was because as a black woman I feel like I'm supposed to have a good sized backside. Honestly, my answer was yes and that made me sad. We can't all look the same period, so why does it matter that I dont have a Nikki Minaj sized arse? (not that I want it to…

The Black Complex

There's a little something that I find quite disturbing and that something has lead me to ask the following question: when a black person has a feature like soft hair, small lips or a straight nose, why do we always jump to the conclusion that they are mixed with something? Why can't that person just be black?

The majority of black people have Indian or white ancestory so why would it be surprising if they don't have "typically" black features? Clearly that person has inherited a feature from an ancestor, from their blood. Furthermore, what is a typical black person supposed to look like? I'm intrigued to know.

I see light skinned black people begging heritage because they have soft long hair or chinese eyes.'re black and there is nothing wrong with being black. I'm proud of what I am. I have a strong family and a culture that I would never want to change. I know who I am. Why would I want to start pretending to be someone I'm n…

Let's Keep it Real & Keep it Natural

It's very rare to find a natural woman nowadays. When I say natural I mean stripped back. Completely natural, kinky hair, no make up, her own body know....just her. So imagine my surprise when I saw a completely natural beauty on the train this morning.

To be honest I don't know why I was so surprised. It seems to be becoming a lot more common for black women to keep their natural hair and by this I mean the way it was when they were born. Personally, I think this is a good look. Why are we as black women so scared to step out of our front door without a wig or weave in our hair?

I'm not going to pretend, I myself have been a slave to the old hair straighteners. After washing my hair it takes a couple of days before it's back to its natural state and straightening my hair was just a quicker and easier way to manage it but boy has my hair suffered. I have good hair. Long, light, wavy, soft, so why am I trying to ruin it by burning it?

I believe that comment…

A Great British Bottom (apparently)

It's been 9 months since the royal wedding and Pippa Middleton's backside is still the main topic of discussion. I have to confess I didn't understand the fascination then and I don't understand it now.

The Lorraine Kelly show has a daily feature on how to get Pippa's amazing arse and apparently people are approaching plastic surgeons in the US and asking for the Middleton!!

Behold exhibit A, Pippa's bottom.

It's flat and....well it's more of a non-bottom than a bottom. The only reason people noticed Pippa's bottom, is because she was wearing a fitted dress, that clung to every part of her body.

Imagine if Beyonce had worn that dress. Can you see it? Now THAT would have been a bottom!!! Low and behold exhibit Bey - a REAL bottom.

Need I say more. The pictures say it all really. Give me Bey's backside over Pippa's any day!!

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They're Not Our Boobs!!

There's been a big story in the news recently about women who have had PIP breast implants and the fact that these implants have been discovered to be faulty. Well apparently those who have been affected, would like the government to pay for their corrective breast implant surgery.

Errrr.....excuse me? Where exactly is the government going to get this money from to pay for your faulty boobs? The tax payer most likely and I'm sorry but I don't see why WE should pay for YOUR dodgy boobs!! I confess, I have no sympathy - if you couldn't tell already.

If you've had implants for health reasons, that's fine but if you've had a boob job for your own vanity and insecurity issues, it is not our problem when they go wrong and I don't see why the government should have to pay for it. Sort your own boobs out with your own money, you did it before didn't you?

Just had to get that one off my chest :)

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Happy New Year!!!

So I haven't been on here for a while, just wanted to pop on and wish my readers a happy new year and to wish you all the very best in 2012.

How many of you make new year resolutions?  I use to but admittedly I never stick to them so don't really do them any more.  However, this year I have set myself a couple of goals which I hope to have achieved by the end of the year.  They're not unrealistic and they are achievable, I just need to make sure I stay focused and motivated.

I still can't believe the way 2011 just flew by, if you blinked you would have missed it.  If you have goals and aspirations you want to achieve, sitting down and talking about them is one thing but you have to get up and out there and make things happen.  Time waits for no man.

I hope to give blogging more of my time this year so keep checking for updates.  Once again happy new year and thank you all for your support, it means a lot.

Ciao xx