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Count Your Blessings

For the last 4 years I have worked for charities.  I've helped the aged, supported change for those suffering with autism and I'm currently working for an emergency aid organisation.  I enjoy working for charities, I love that feeling of knowing I'm making a difference to somebodies life but I've never been the type to really sit and think about the causes I've helped to support.

Until now.

I read a blog post today, written by one of our field nurses.  This post moved me to tears and it's not the first time I've felt emotional in my new role.  This time it was different though.  The surge of emotions I felt, I've not felt like that ever before.  I felt anger that a person had to endure this horror.  I felt sad for the loss to the family I was reading about.  I felt proud of the medical staff who are working so hard across the world to make the smallest difference in these peoples lives and then I felt disgust; disgust towards all of us living our merry lives, so well off and yet we find any little thing to complain about.  I felt ashamed.

We have so much and yet we still want more.  So many people around the world have nothing.  They don't even have HALF of what we have but they are so grateful for small mercies.  We don't realise how lucky we are.  If we are sick or injured the nearest hospital is down the road.  I read about a woman today who walked for 4 days in LABOUR just to have her baby delivered.  The baby died.  So did the mother.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself but remember to always be grateful and thankful for the blessings you do have.  I'm not going to pretend I'm an angel.  I can moan too, some of you have seen me having a good old moan on here but we have to count our blessings.  Always remember that there is someone else in the world who actually knows suffering and is a lot worse off then you.

As soon as I get the chance I'm going to be out in the field.  I really want to see first hand the work my charity are doing.  I actually feel a passion and a motivation to make change like never before.  For the first time in a long time, I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and I'm everly grateful for the hand and the opportunities that I've been given.


  1. Beautiful!! I needed to read this, thank you and I'm glad your where you feel you need to be!



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