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Super Slim .V. Super Curvy

There's always been this pressure for girls to be slim. For as long as I can remember but what people don't realise is that black women have an extra pressure. The pressure to be curvy.

We're expected to be slim but we're also expected to have big booties or big breasts. This pressure is causing women to have boob jobs and bum implants, risking their lives to conform to these pressures. One girl actually died last year because of the bum implants she had put in but does news like that stop us in any way? Unfortunately not.

I've recently lost some weight and as a consequence I have lost a portion of my bootay. I'm not going to lie I don't like it but why don't I like it? I asked myself if it was because as a black woman I feel like I'm supposed to have a good sized backside. Honestly, my answer was yes and that made me sad. We can't all look the same period, so why does it matter that I dont have a Nikki Minaj sized arse? (not that I want it to…

The Black Complex

There's a little something that I find quite disturbing and that something has lead me to ask the following question: when a black person has a feature like soft hair, small lips or a straight nose, why do we always jump to the conclusion that they are mixed with something? Why can't that person just be black?

The majority of black people have Indian or white ancestory so why would it be surprising if they don't have "typically" black features? Clearly that person has inherited a feature from an ancestor, from their blood. Furthermore, what is a typical black person supposed to look like? I'm intrigued to know.

I see light skinned black people begging heritage because they have soft long hair or chinese eyes.'re black and there is nothing wrong with being black. I'm proud of what I am. I have a strong family and a culture that I would never want to change. I know who I am. Why would I want to start pretending to be someone I'm n…