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I am Who I am & Yes I am Black!!

What would you say are the personality traits of a black person? Loud? Abrupt? Feisty? Rude? All of which are negative's but what positive words would you use to describe a black person? Can you think of any? Probably not.

I have been called a coconut because I do not hold any of the above typical traits but you know what, that doesn't phase me. I'd rather be called a coconut then known as someone who holds any of those traits.

Today I went as far as to say: "I was raised right, that's why I don't behave like that" but should I really say that? Is it a parents fault if their child turns out this way because trust me, being any of the above is NOT something to be proud of. Unfortunately black people seem to think it is and are quite happy to laugh at any other black person who doesn't behave in that way.

Growing up I spent most of my time with Asian people and this was probably due to the fact that I am Muslim. Many would say I am how I am because of t…