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Judge Me Not

I've never understood overly religious people. I'm not saying its a bad thing to be religious of course I'm not but what I don't understand is why these people seem to think it is their RIGHT to look down their noses and judge other people.

As far as I know the only one who can judge us at the end of the day is God, so when did it become acceptable for any Tom, Dick and Harry to start passing judgement on others?

What people fail to realise is that we are not judged on our physical as such but by our intentions, our spiritual self and our hearts. You may look at a person and not believe they are necessarily religious based on how they are dressed but what do you know of that persons heart? You know nothing.

This person could be the type who devotes all of their time to helping their sick grand parents, or doing things for the poor in their community. These are acts of kindness, acts of a person with a compassionate heart. A good heart.

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