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Count Your Blessings

For the last 4 years I have worked for charities.  I've helped the aged, supported change for those suffering with autism and I'm currently working for an emergency aid organisation.  I enjoy working for charities, I love that feeling of knowing I'm making a difference to somebodies life but I've never been the type to really sit and think about the causes I've helped to support.

Until now.

I read a blog post today, written by one of our field nurses.  This post moved me to tears and it's not the first time I've felt emotional in my new role.  This time it was different though.  The surge of emotions I felt, I've not felt like that ever before.  I felt anger that a person had to endure this horror.  I felt sad for the loss to the family I was reading about.  I felt proud of the medical staff who are working so hard across the world to make the smallest difference in these peoples lives and then I felt disgust; disgust towards all of us living our merry…

"You gotta act like...a woman...but think like a man!!"

This song has been in my head for days!!  I love it!!  This seems to be the general rule that we women are abiding by nowadays..."act like a woman but think like a man".  I also like "lady in the street but a freak in the bed" but hey, that's another blog entry all together lol.

However I digress.  I've seen this floating in the twittersvere recently "act like a woman and think like one too".  In a way I kind of agree but I also don't see any reason, why in certain situations, it would do us any harm to think like a man.

I wouldn't say I myself think like a man but I must say, having a close male friend has helped me to think like one in some ways.  Women, we over think every little thing.  The tiniest detail becomes the biggest issue and it need not be, because when you really sit and think about things, I mean really sit and think, you will ask yourself: "but what's the problem?" and that's exactly what your man will …

Rap Wars

In case you hadn't heard yet, the latest beef on the music scene is between Diggy Simmons and J Cole.  Why?  Because J Cole apparently said he had a "thing" with Diggy's sister, Angela.  My question is this: why is there always beef in the music industry and why is it always the small small guys who want to make the loudest noise?

Whenever something like this happens, everyone jumps to the conclusion that it's a publicity stunt.  With Tulisa's sex tape it was "oh, her single's coming out soon", but not being funny, that little sex tape would not persuade me to buy Tulisa's single and Diggy's diss track, would not prompt me to buy his album.  I don't even think you can use "publicity stunt" as a reason behind any celebrity doing anything.

Beef in the industry goes back years.  I'm not going to pretend I follow it all or that I even listen to every artists music but the one war I wasn't happy to hear about, was Drake …

Interfaith Relationships

Interracial relationships are common in this day and age. As much as some people may not chose to date outside of their race, it still shocks me to hear real hatred and disrespect to those who have fallen for a person of a different race. You can't help who you fall for.

What seems to be becoming more popular is interfaith relationships. I know many people in relationships like this and this is seen by some as "taboo". There's the obvious complications of what path your children would follow but personally I don't see why interfaith relationships are such an issue.

A relationship is between two people. Therefore those two people decide how they will live and how their children would be raised. It's not about anyone else. As long as you've both worked out how you'd like your family to run and it works for you, why is it anybody else's business?

The problem is people will always have something to say and people are always worrying about things that…