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Rated R (for Raunchy)

My regular readers will know I have a series on here titled; Rated R (for Random), where I express my random thoughts. Today's Rated R is slightly different. Today's Rated R is for Raunchy. Anyone who is getting excited thinking I'm about to reveal my deepest sexual fantasies, can get their minds out of the gutter because that is not what this entry is about. Today's entry is about shoes my friends. Yes that's right. Shoes.

The other night I was telling a friend of mine about a new pair of shoes I had just ordered. I, forgetting I was talking to a male friend, got all excited at the thought of slipping my feet in to these little beauties. I shouldn't have been shocked therefore when he said: "you sound like you're having an orgasm". All I could do was laugh.

What men need to realise is that shoes, like chocolate, have magical powers. A hot pair of shoes can set off endorphins in a womans brain, giving her immense pleasure. This is a fact and a…

Rated R (for Random)

You know what really grinds my gears.....ok, I realise I'm not Peter Griffin (Family Guy fans will get that one lol). I really don't understand why gorgeous women wear beautiful suits and dresses to work with big ol' dusty grey trainers. I totally understand the need for comfort and I even understand the urge to power walk to the office but come on ladies, let's not forget about style. If it's comfort you're after why not wear a pair of ballerina's? They actually look good with dresses and suits too believe it or not. Trainers with dresses, skirts or anythig other than jeans and sports wear, is totally unacceptable.

This entry is in memory of a dear friend who also found this fashion a bit weird. We would have endlessly long debates on the subject. RIP D xxx

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The Acai Berry: Part 3

I realise it's been awhile since I've blogged about these fabulous purple pills. The reason for this in all honesty is I haven't been taking them. Some journalist I'd make right? I was so put off by the side effects I experienced in the first week I didn't want to continue taking them.

I decided that if I wanted to stay fit and healthy, the best way for me to do it, is to have a healthier lifestyle. By this I don't mean only munching on salad like I'm some sort of rabbit. I mean making healthier food choices, like not having chicken cottage and a Chinese buffet for lunch every week and drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg. I'm a girl who loves food. I can't eat from the low fat ranges because I love flavour in my food and there is no way I could stop enjoying the odd piece of chocolate. It's very rare that I indulge in the stuff anyway. An old work colleague of mine always use to say "eat little and often" she was also a fir…

10 Reasons Why I Hate the Tube

My friends and family all know how much I hate travelling by tube in London. It is one of the hardest tasks in our day to day lives and one of the biggest tests you will ever face. If you can survive an entire tube journey with a smile on your face and not one negative thought about where you are and the people around you, then you deserve 3 gold medals.

These are the 10 reasons I hate the tube (and there's probably more).

1. When the tube is packed and people tell you to move down. First of all where do you expect me to move to and second why should I move? I'm quite comfortable where I am. If you want to squeeze up in this teeny tiny space your more than welcome to come and try.

2. When you're sitting on one of those fold down chairs and somebody with a back pack or newspaper gets on and stands over you. Dude, why is your bag/newspaper in my face? Take it off and put it on the floor between your legs and stop reading because if this train jerks forward and you fall on me…

Rated R (for Random)

Flesh coloured tights for black people. I suppose they're actually brown tights but ladies we really need to stay clear of these hideous things. I saw one girl today wearing brown tights with white shorts and black kitten heels. The ensemble may have looked alright with black tights but with them flesh coloured things it really wasn't happening. My fabulous black sisters, please hear my warning. Stay AWAY from the flesh coloured tights. Thank you :-) x

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Power In Peace

To be peaceful, be thankful for all that is. Peace comes when there is no fighting, and being thankful eliminates what you would fight against.

In a state of peace, you can focus all of your energy on being effective and creative. When you are at peace, you have great power to put toward the service of your highest purpose.

Peace enables you to fully accept and make use of the limitless abundance that surrounds you. Peace saves you from all the wasted time and effort of resentment, judgment, worry and doubt.

What has arrived in your world is already here, and you are here to fully experience it. See if you can be genuinely and unreservedly thankful, for that thankfulness draws you into the powerful state of peacefulness.

Yes, some of what comes your way is uncomfortable, inconvenient and even painful. Be thankful nonetheless, and ease the burden of your burdens.

Be thankful, and truly at peace, with what is. And you put yourself in control of what can be.

-- Ralph Marston

You know how it is when.... want something so bad it scares you? And what scares you is the thought of losing something you don't even have? It's such an odd feeling. How do you distract yourself from driving yourself insane?

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Don't Call Me Coloured!!

Race is a very sensitive subject. You have to be so careful about how you refer to or describe someone just in case you cause offence but these days that can be said about anything. The tone, manner and circumstance of what you say makes a big difference to how something is taken.

When I was in Cyprus a Pakistani sister from Manchester was in conversation with a German sister. The German sister was referring to black people as coloured. The Pakistani sister to my surprise told her off to which the German sister replied "no no you mustn't say black it's wrong".

I had been keeping out of the conversation until this point when I felt the need to inform this sister that there is nothing wrong with calling a black person black. Many black people find the description "coloured" very offensive. To this the sister said "but you're not all black anyway. Some of you are brown, some of you are light brown, some of you are caramel". I had to laugh at th…

Rated R (for Random)

I looked up on the tube this morning and all of a sudden panic struck.  OMG I forgot to put on my eyeliner!!!  It's so weird I use to be scared to wear the stuff in case I stabbed myself in the eye with it (I have a fear of eyes - don't ask lol) and now I can't live without it!!!  I suppose this has highlighted one of my insecurities. I can't go out without my eyeliner.  It's an extension of me but it shouldn't be.  I should be able to wander the streets of London completely fresh faced.  Maybe one day, when I'm 80 :-) x

Cyprus: The Conclusion

My regular blog readers know that I was in two minds about going on this journey from my earlier blog entry Me vs. Me. Cyprus for me is a spiritual retreat because it is where my spiritual guide resides. I didn't go to sunbathe or party. I went to work on my ego, reflect and strengthen my faith.

When we got there we were immediately hit by tests and these tests were the reason we had been apprehensive about this journey in the first place. Thankfully we overcame them all. We learned how to deal with certain situations and simply say "this was meant be". It wasn't easy and some tests I'm sure we failed but we learned from them.

Cyprus has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I'm even finding it hard to write this blog entry without bursting in to tears. I went from not wanting to go, counting down the days to leave, to not wanting to come home at all. I met some amazing and wonderful characters from all over the world (some were not so wonderful but that&…