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The Acai Berry: Part 3

I realise it's been awhile since I've blogged about these fabulous purple pills. The reason for this in all honesty is I haven't been taking them. Some journalist I'd make right? I was so put off by the side effects I experienced in the first week I didn't want to continue taking them.

I decided that if I wanted to stay fit and healthy, the best way for me to do it, is to have a healthier lifestyle. By this I don't mean only munching on salad like I'm some sort of rabbit. I mean making healthier food choices, like not having chicken cottage and a Chinese buffet for lunch every week and drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg. I'm a girl who loves food. I can't eat from the low fat ranges because I love flavour in my food and there is no way I could stop enjoying the odd piece of chocolate. It's very rare that I indulge in the stuff anyway. An old work colleague of mine always use to say "eat little and often" she was also a firm believer in not depriving yourself and having a "balanced" diet. This lady was in her 60s but she looked a good 20-30 years youger!! Say no more right?

As well as eating right it's also important to implement some sort of physical activity in your life. For me that's going to the gym and I've been going 2 or 3 times a week to workout classes; aerobics, pilates and zumba being my faves. I also enjoy the odd hour (or 3) of Michael Jackson The Experience on the wii. That's a definite workout and it's fun too if you play it properly.

By doing the above I have managed to lose almost a stone. I think being in Cyprus also helped. I barely sat down whilst I was there and trust me, they eat HEALTHY!!

In my opinion there's no point in depriving yourself or following fad diets to get fit or lose weight. There's no need to take weight loss aids either.  You need to make changes based on every day living. Ask yourself, is this something I can keep up with once I've reached my goal, because after losing the weight you'll probably want to keep it off. So the best thing to do is start as you mean to go on. Afterall, you can't be on slim fast your whole life!

Be healthy guys x

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  1. well done, it was down to u changing ur lifestyle and sticking to it. i've noticed that pple use aids hoping it will be a quick fix. nothing in life is a quick fix, weather your trying to gain or loose weight, in fact in any part of life.

    well done hope u stick to it, cus im soo struggling sticking to my routine

  2. Thanks hun and I hope it becomes easier for you to follow your routine. Maybe change it up a little. Start bit by bit and when you feel more confident, add something else if you know what I mean. Good luck x


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