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Rastamouse - is it really irie man?

How many of you have seen the new CBeebies children's programme Rastamouse?  It features a Jamaican Rastafarian mouse and his crew of 2 (Scratchy and Zooma) aka The Easy Crew.  They solve mysteries in their native Mouseland.  Now when I first saw this I thought it was hilarious. Hearing these characters speaking patois on a children's programme was amazing to me and a sign of how far we had come in this country, accepting and promoting diversity.  At the same time I knew it would only be a matter of time before the complaints came in.  I could just hear hordes of parents saying "but this isn't teaching the children to speak real English", "I don't want my child pretending to be a gangster" (because believe it or not there is a blinged up gangster mouse on the show and he may not be behaving like a gangster but he is dressed as and speaks like one).

It may sound like I don't approve of the show, don't get me wrong I actually like it. The thing I don't like about this programme is the storyline's.  Somebody is always "teefing" something.  People watching this will start thinking all Rastafarian, Jamaican, black people do is steal and not being funny that's a stereotype already attached to us.  People will say "it's not racist because it's about mice".  Errrr how many walking, talking, reggae playing, skateboarding mice do you know?  It would be so nice to see a variety of mysteries and problems being solved in Mouseland, teaching children some different positive lessons.

I read this article about the show recently and was in fits of laughter because it is the kind of reaction I expected the show would receive after watching the first episode.  Have a read:

All I know is there will be people that think the show is amazing and others who will disagree but there is something you can learn from these mice and that is how to make a bad ting good.  Irie man!!!


  1. This is one of the most balanced and mature opinions of a somewhat potentially controversial (and I do use that word lightly) subject

    I love the way you have written "outside" of opinion while at the same time driven right to the heart of the issue.

    I haven't personally taken to this particular childrens show but can also see why so many have, but don't necessarily want to rally in White City asking for it to be removed (life is too short) and understand why some people are getting worked up.

    Just wanted to thank you for helping me to look at it with fresh eyes and objectively.

    Your blog is an absolute pleasure to read. Looking forward to digesting more of the literary excellence that is Ayeshah Rose!

  2. I agree with Anonymous - its definately a balanced yet interesting post and asks all the right questions.



  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments. Really appreciated xx


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