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Is it just me.....

.....or has fashion gone completely mad??? Like seriously, what are people thinking??? I have seen some absolutely shocking things out on road and I'm like, "do you not own a mirror in your yard, do you have no shame?"

Let me elaborate on some of the things I'm talking about.....well one of the things and let me tell you, in the words of Peter Griffin, it really "grinds my gears". Are you ready? It's LEGGINGS!!!

Now ladies, leggings are NOT, I repeat NOT trousers and therefore should not be worn as such. When the fashion of wearing leggings first came on to the scene, they were modelled as under garments, to be worn under long tops or jumpers. I now see people wearing these things as trousers, with short tops, their big old VPL and stripy knickers out of door with their big asses just wobbling about the place. The only time it is acceptable to wear leggings with a short top is if you're out running, in the gym or in a dance studio!!!

Now that leggings have been "accepted" as trousers, people are now taking their fashion bravery one step further and wearing tights. Yes that's right, TIGHTS!!! People are wearing tights as trousers and these are being worn, shockingly enough, with short tops so that the big old seam line of the tights are clearly visible!!! When I first saw this new "fashion" I nearly passed out. I wanted to tap this girl on the shoulder and ask her if she was aware she had lost her skirt somewhere. I actually felt so embarrassed for the girl.

Nakedness seems to be becoming the fashion nowadays. Soon everybody will be walking around in their birthday suits. I think Wilhelmina Slater said it best on Ugly Betty when she said: "you will never be able to convince me that leggings are trousers". Say no more!!!


  1. LOL I love the Wilhemina quote at the end - definately cant agree with you more.

    Once I was walking behind a girl with short top and thin leggings, up the stairs in a train station. MY.DAYS. She did not wash after going to the toilet because it stank of pee.


  2. Lol that's too funny. I love my leggings though but I see where you're coming from. You've got to know how to wear them lol.

  3. You should have seen the things I saw last night at the Usher concert. People either have no sense of style or no mirrors in the house. Saw a couple of girls in leggings whose backsides were so ballooned they looked like the were wearing nappies.

    I don't know what's going on. Leggings are not for everybody and if you're going to wear them with short tops, like anon said, you have to know how to rock em.


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