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Cyprus: Upon Reflection

After writing my last blog entry I realised: this whole journey is a test. It's not just about me. Anything that is asked of me is part of that journey. Helping me to improve myself. Helping me to become less selfish. Helping to reduce my ego. It's not easy, believe me but it's all part and parcel of this whole journey; not just for this here and now but for eternity.

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Cyprus: Finding My Peace

I came here to reconnect. Spiritually. I don't like this negative feeling and it's only day one. I have to look at this situation and think.....ok, how can I make this better? How can I turn this around so that the negative becomes a positive and this experience is a good one for me?

I need to put my head down and do what I have to in order to survive this test. I have to accept that this is how it is here and just become part of the routine. Above all I have to remain true to myself. Remember why I came here. I came for me. So when all the work is done it's me time. Time to sit and reflect and just do me. Forget everything and everyone around me (selfish as it may seem) and just do me.

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Rated R (for Random)

You know when you sit somewhere and all of a sudden you smell something.  Could be anything (right now I'm thinking BO) and then you start to panic because you think you're going to "catch the smell" and you frantically start smelling yourself to make sure you still smell like The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter and the Armani Code perfume you spritzed on that morning.  But isn't it nice when you realise bad odours don't get passed on to you?  Aaaaah.  So fresh and so clean clean!!

This Here and Now

Though there's much you can do, there's nothing you must do to make yourself more important. You're already extremely important.

You're already unique, valuable, and worthy. For you are an expression of life like no other.

You are life experiencing the beauty and miracle of itself, blissfully and powerfully aware of your own awareness. Nothing you strive for or fight over could be more monumental than that.

You long to create beautiful moments, and your ambitions can indeed bring much new beauty into existence. Always keep in mind, though, that you already have an exquisitely beautiful moment, and it is here, now.

There is plenty of space and opportunity for real meaning and fulfillment right now, where you are. Instead of hurrying on to something you perceive as being more, feel the fullness of joy that is already a part of you.

Bring all the power of the sweet experiences you fondly recall, and the future joy you wish to create, into making new, fulfilling meaning in…

Rastamouse - is it really irie man?

How many of you have seen the new CBeebies children's programme Rastamouse?  It features a Jamaican Rastafarian mouse and his crew of 2 (Scratchy and Zooma) aka The Easy Crew.  They solve mysteries in their native Mouseland.  Now when I first saw this I thought it was hilarious. Hearing these characters speaking patois on a children's programme was amazing to me and a sign of how far we had come in this country, accepting and promoting diversity.  At the same time I knew it would only be a matter of time before the complaints came in.  I could just hear hordes of parents saying "but this isn't teaching the children to speak real English", "I don't want my child pretending to be a gangster" (because believe it or not there is a blinged up gangster mouse on the show and he may not be behaving like a gangster but he is dressed as and speaks like one).

It may sound like I don't approve of the show, don't get me wrong I actually like it. The thing…

Is it just me.....

.....or has fashion gone completely mad??? Like seriously, what are people thinking??? I have seen some absolutely shocking things out on road and I'm like, "do you not own a mirror in your yard, do you have no shame?"

Let me elaborate on some of the things I'm talking about.....well one of the things and let me tell you, in the words of Peter Griffin, it really "grinds my gears". Are you ready? It's LEGGINGS!!!

Now ladies, leggings are NOT, I repeat NOT trousers and therefore should not be worn as such. When the fashion of wearing leggings first came on to the scene, they were modelled as under garments, to be worn under long tops or jumpers. I now see people wearing these things as trousers, with short tops, their big old VPL and stripy knickers out of door with their big asses just wobbling about the place. The only time it is acceptable to wear leggings with a short top is if you're out running, in the gym or in a dance studio!!!

Now that le…

Review: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help is a fictional novel written by Kathryn Stockett, set in 1960's Mississippi: "where black maids raise white children, but aren't trusted not to steal the silver".

The book follows three main characters; Aibleen who is raising her 17th white child for a family more concerned with themselves, than with their own baby.  Minny who is famous for her cooking as well as her sharp tongue (she's not afraid to tell you like it is, whether you're black or white) and Miss Skeeter, a young white woman who has returned from college to find her beloved maid Constantine has disappeared.  The three main characters become friends as Miss Skeeter who is a keen writer, decides to write a book about white families and their black maids.

I first heard about this book watching a review on the TV Book Club with Jo Brand.  They seemed to be 50/50 on their opinion of the book.  Their main concern was, how can a white author identify with the black maids?  How does she know how…

The Age of Motherhood

There's been a lot of talk in the press recently about when women should be thinking about having children. Medical experts are advising that women should think about having children between the ages of 20 and 35 but does having children over 35 really have an impact on the mother and do you agree with girls having children so young?

According to research women who decide to have children over the age of 35 are likely to find it harder to conceive. They are also subjecting themselves and their baby to some of the following risks: genetic disorders, stillbirths, miscarriages, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Each year after age 35 the mother's risks for each of these increases even more.

I know a couple of women who have had children over the age of 35 and even over the age of 40 and I have to say they have been fine and their children also have been unaffected but there's also the other flip of the coin. Having children at 20. I've heard so many adults talking a…

Review: Tayyabs Restaurant

People thought it was an odd choice for Christmas dinner when we told them we were going to Tayyabs in Whitechapel. Of course we actually went at the end of January so it wasn't really a Christmas dinner afterall.

I've heard a lot about Tayyabs. It's very popular, particularly amongst the Muslim community because all of the food is halal. If you don't book a table at the weekend you could be queuing for ages before you get one. I'd also heard some famous faces had been seen eating there, the likes of Heston Blumenthal and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli. Ok so I'm impressed so far.

When we approached the restaurant which is located on a quiet side road, I was a little surprised. It looked quite quaint inside. I dont know what I was expecting, some big, shiny, sparkly palace but it was just a restaurant. The staff were very friendly and obliging, particularly when we asked if we could move tables (they had seated us very closely to some random people. I don't…