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Rated R (for Random)

I looked up on the tube this morning and all of a sudden panic struck.  OMG I forgot to put on my eyeliner!!!  It's so weird I use to be scared to wear the stuff in case I stabbed myself in the eye with it (I have a fear of eyes - don't ask lol) and now I can't live without it!!!  I suppose this has highlighted one of my insecurities. I can't go out without my eyeliner.  It's an extension of me but it shouldn't be.  I should be able to wander the streets of London completely fresh faced.  Maybe one day, when I'm 80 :-) x


  1. looooooooooooooooooool sorry i shudnt laugh, but it is funny. i feel like that with concealer. In fact when i used to work i cudnt leave with out eye liner or a bit of blusher. We all wanna look presentable when we go out, but i guess it would be nice if we needed less in order to feel good/presentable. im finally over eye liner and blusher, just gotta get over concelor, but hey i go shopping with out, just wudnt go any where special with out.

    Its sad cus u dont see men going through all this. sadly for women from the time we were born we have been told how beautiful we look. when ever u give a little girl a compliment its usually to do with how she looks. so no wonder we are messed up as adults. How we look is sooo essential and this is something the media loooove to make money out of.

    insha allah one day hun u will leave the house with nothing, hey u did in cyprus :)

  2. I know it is sad and so true, emphasis for women from a young age is all about how you look. I did do well in Cyprus didn't I? I only wore eyeliner once when I was out there. Still had my mascara and concealer though. Like you I can't live without the concealer. Blemishes and dark circles are unforgiving lol.


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